IT Experience


System Administrator & Committee Member • Jun, 2015 — Present

Computerbank is a self-­funded non­profit that refurbishes donated desktops and laptops sold to low­ income individuals, students, and community groups at discounted rates. My contributions at Computerbank have included: system administration; building, upgrading, testing, and troubleshooting desktops and laptops to meet specifications; scripting with Bash to automate tasks; writing procedural documentation; and front desk and customer support.

  • Linux System Administration: Ubuntu Mate 14.04, software compiling, patching, imaging, command line
  • Hardware: Desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile device troubleshooting
  • Network Administration: DNS, wireless configuration and security, gateway server
  • Scripting: Bash
  • Security: DBAN
  • Documentation: laptop build guide, remote network topolgies
  • Customer Support: Assisted customers technical questions in-person and over the phone

St. Paul's Anglican Kindergarten

System Administrator • Nov, 2015 — Present

Serve as the IT officer for the committee handling all aspects of the kinder's IT requirements.

  • Windows System Administration: Windows Vista, 7, 10, PowerShell, anti-virus, anti-malware, backups, updates, automation
  • Hardware: Desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile device troubleshooting
  • Network Administration: DNS, wireless configuration and security, remote access
  • Web Administration: Wordpress, HTML, CSS, Amazon S3, Amazon Route 53, FTP, domain management, email
  • Documentation: Network topology, IP address allocations, server report, firewall policy, remote access

Education & Certifications


  • LPIC-1: Linux Server Professional • 2016

  • CompTIA Linux+ • 2016

  • SUSE Certified Linux Administrator (SUSE CLA) • 2016

Bachelor of Science, Radio/Television/Film • 1995 — 2000

University of Texas at Austin

Bachelor of Arts, English • 1995 — 2000

University of Texas at Austin

Minor in Astronomy with a focus on stellar and planetary system formation.


Computerbank Remote Networks

System Administrator • 2016 — Present

Responsible for the operation of three computer lab sites serving the public.

  • Assessed and documented state of each network starting with little to no documentation.
  • Installed hardware and software upgrades and repaired equipmetn as needed.
  • Communicated with site managers about scheduling, costs, and status of networks

St. Paul's Anglican Kindergarten Website

Primary Developer • 2016 — Present

  • Edited HTML of old static site during development of new site.
  • Migrated static HTML website to Amazon S3, Route 53 for DNS to reduce costs.
  • Prototyped Wordpress site with LAMP stack, Amazon EC3, and Amazon Linux
  • a new hosted Wordpress site, collaborated with graphic designer and Kindergarten director
  • Added Class 1 SSL/TLS certificate for site


Scripter & Tester • Nov, 2015

PlayOnLinux is a software package that allows for the easy installation of games and applications designed to run on Microsoft Windows.

  • BASH: Patched a function installing Steam that eliminated showstopper errors and provided more information to guide the user. This required parsing the error logs and researching bugs to determine what created errors or hangs in installation.
  • BASH: Patched an installation script written in Bash to address bugs in Wine and Steam and allow a smooth installation on Linux systems.
  • Community Support: Assisted other users encountering issues with installation scripts, helping them achieve success with the software installation.

ABC Production - Seven Types of Ambiguity

Computer Wrangler • 2016

Prepared 20 computers used as props on the set of Seven Types of Ambiguity.

Other Websites

Developer • 2016 — Present


Linux System Administration


Operating Systems

Linux (Arch, Debian, Ubuntu, Amazon Linux AMI, CentOS) Windows 9X/2K/XP/Vista/7/8/10, OS X, Android, iOS


Bash, HTML, CSS, XML, XSL, DITA, Markdown


VMWare, VirtualBox

Version Control


Web and Email

cPanel, Apache, Lighttpd, LAMP Stacks, Wordpress, AWS, Amazon S3, EC3, Route 53, SSL/TLS


MS Outlook, MS Office, MS Project, Nagios, OpenVPN, VirtualBox, ownCloud

Leadership & Project Management

Extensive experience leading large cross-functional teams in an Agile development environment.



Volunteer of the Month • April 2016

Recognized for the development of a laptop build guide used to test and troubleshoot donated laptops for reuse.


Linux Users of Victoria

Member • 2015 — Present

Linux Users of Victoria is one of Australia's largest GNU/Linux, free software and open source user groups.